Bonding Solutions for Metalworking Applications

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Whatever your design, application or business needs, 3M’s comprehensive toolkit of solutions offers improvements that can be incorporated seamlessly into your existing manufacturing process.

Select the BUSINESS IMPACT or the BONDING APPLICATION above you’d like to explore.

Base Platform

Solutions that speed you to strength and savings.

Save costs by saving time, relying less on skilled labor and reprioritizing other projects.

Reduce process time by eliminating welding post-process steps and shorter cure times when compared to alternative adhesives.

Increase durability with adhesives that are as strong as a weld.

Reduce galvanic corrosion by eliminating mechanical fasteners.


Solutions that save time while improving design capabilities, durability, integrity and accessibility.

Stiffeners to Panels: Fast, easy application and increased durability vs. mechanical fastening methods.

Sidewalls: Bond and seal in one step for incredibly strong, incredibly easy, incredibly fast applications.

Access Panels: Join dissimilar materials and easily re-access panels for maintenance and repairs.

View Doors: Gain design capabilities with no spot welding/assembling and no post-process steps required by welding.


Solutions that offer potential improvements over your current method or product.

Reduce process time and rework with spray adhesives that eliminate fasteners, stick pins, drilling, spot welds and heat marks.

Reduce overall costs per application by using adhesives with high-solids content and lower coat weight (when compared to hot melt and SMP adhesives).

Improve aesthetics by eliminating visible fasteners and weld marks.


Solutions that are quick, easy, adaptable and strong.

Reduce process time and rework with peel and stick adhesives.

Enhanced Accessibility and Removability with Dual Lock solutions.

Reduce Noise and Vibration generated by mechanical fasteners.


The right sealants to save time and increase durability–now and in the long run.

Reduced Waste and Cost with Flexible Packaging.

Increase durability and efficiency with no cracking or leak path.

Improve aesthetics with a paintable, long-lasting solution and no yellowing over time.

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